Semeja Asian Kitchen | Yogyakarta

A new all day dining restaurant located at the lobby of GAIA Cosmo Hotel, Yogyakarta. SEMEJA Asian Kitchen serves a wide range of asian inspired dishes that accommodates both foreign and local tastebuds.

  • Interior Architecture

  • Interior Design

  • Interior Styling

As a focal point of activities in the hotel, we wanted the restaurant to be a space that is conducive for both work and play. To achieve this, we used an interlay of wiremesh - playing with different colours and mesh sizes,to create a sense of privacy while not completely blocking view and interaction amongst users.

Many features took precedent from Jogja and its culture. One example is the choice of timber flooring which was a tribute to Jogja's colonial past while built-in features such as the two buffet counters in front of the open kitchen references the traditional “gerobak” or push-carts that are still used to sell local street food.