Green Square Social | Sydney

The Green Square Hotel was established in 1886 and have long been an icon of Green Square. However, in recent times, many bars, pubs and restaurants have sprung around the area – causing the Green Square Hotel to appear dated and unable to attract the increasingly middle-class age group.

  • Brand Research and Analysis

  • Business Card Design

  • Logo Design

  • Menu Design

  • Re-Branding

  • Signage

  • Uniform Design

The challenge of rebranding a brand that has been established for so many years is to find the right balance between respecting its history vs modernising its look and feel.

As such, the new branding focuses on the Art Deco architecture of the building, paying homage to its past history. In contrast, the use of lines in the logo adds a touch of modern sophistication. Newly named as “Green Square Social” or "G.S.S", the pub is able to engage a wider target audience and re-establish itself as an icon of Green Square.