GAIA Cosmo Hotel (Public Areas) | Yogyakarta

A newly formed Hotel Brand that focuses on the value of design and strives to create unique experiences for customers. Great importance was placed on giving each establishment a unique sense of place – in this case, Yogyakarta.

  • Interior Architecture

  • Interior Design

  • Interior Styling

Stemming from many of Jogja’s historical and cultural background - from traditional hand-made batik paintings to the rhythmic sounds of gamelan music, the concept seeks to reinterpret Jogja’s rich past through a modern lense that depicts the diverse and vibrant livelihood of Jogja and her people. In doing so, the design is imbued with a sense of nostalgia while, at the same time, maintaining a contemporary and future-looking aesthetic. Material choices were meticulously considered, ensuring that they were locally sourced as much as possible. A large number of furniture and decoration pieces were either custom made or purchased from local artisans.

From the layout of the lobby, we wanted to break away from the traditional hotel lobby, where reception is the main focus, and instead bring prominence to the restaurant and cafe area turning the lobby into a place of collaboration and activity; allowing freedom for both visiting and staying guests to use the space as they wish. Exposed concrete, bricks and timber were used in combination with polished metal and stone finishes to create a balance between rawness and elegance.